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Black Garlic

Black Garlic

Discover the unique and delicious flavor of our black garlic.  Made from regular garlic that undergoes a unique aging process to develop a rich, sweet flavor and soft, chewy texture. Our black garlic is carefully fermented at a controlled temperature and humidity, resulting in a dark clove with a complex, balsamic taste and a hint of sweetness; earthy, licorice, smokey flavor in each clove.  Packed with antioxidants and a deep umami flavor, this black garlic is perfect for adding depth and complexity to your favorite dishes.  A versitale, gourmet ingredient that is perfect when used in sauces, dressings, marinades, or simply spread on crusty bread. Our favorite is crushed into a good butter making a compound to serve on a resting steak or in mashed potatoes. Elevate your cooking with the bold, rich complex flavors of our black garlic.  Purchase by the bulb or prepeeled cloves packaged in 2 ounce containers.

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